Once Full Mouth Dental Implants In Spanaway, WA Are Placed, How Do They Benefit My Zirconia Fixed Bridges?

a full mouth dental implant model showing how the six dental implants are going to secure the zirconia fixed bridge in place.

Zirconia fixed bridges give people with a full arch of missing teeth a biocompatible, durable, and natural looking new smile. The best part about this life-improving procedure, however, is that it is placed in the patients mouth with full mouth dental implants. Full mouth dental implants in Spanaway, WA benefit a patient’s zirconia fixed bridge […]

Is A Zirconia Fixed Bridge Right For Me In Spanaway, WA?

a zirconia bridge with dental implants in it that can be used in a beneficiary zirconia fixed bridge procedure.

When people have a full arch of missing teeth that they want to replace with a long-lasting and durable new smile, then they should consider getting treated with a zirconia fixed bridge in Spanaway, WA. In a zirconia fixed bridge procedure, full mouth dental implants are used to stabilize the zirconia bridge. There are many […]