Procedures You Need To Follow After Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Treatment Spanaway

There are many reasons why your dentist wants you to have a tooth pulled. One of the important reasons maybe a severely damaged tooth. Some people need to get rid of decayed teeth, while others need to get rid of impacted wisdom teeth. An oral surgeon or dentist can do it quickly with either general, […]

How Six Months Smiles Differ From Normal Braces

Six Month Smiles in Spanaway

Since the start of the early twentieth century, the field of professional orthodontics has gone a long way. Braces are becoming more customizable to accommodate a broad range of patient circumstances, some of which are more complicated than others. While conventional braces are effective in closing gaps and spaces between teeth and correcting bad bites, […]

Composite Fillings in Oral Hygiene: What Are They?

Composite Fillings

Composite resins, often known as tooth-colored fillings, offer high durability and fracture resistance in small to midsize fillings that must endure moderate pressure from the continual stress of chewing. They can be applied to either the front or back teeth. They are a wonderful option for those who want their fillings to seem more natural. […]

Top 3 Questions about Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are often considered to be one of the most effective teeth replacement options. They offer numerous benefits that are missing in the case of other choices such as dentures, bridges, etc. But, people often remain confused about this particular option as implants are relatively new and expensive in the field of modern dentistry. […]

How to prevent gum disease?

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common problem and can be the reason for several other oral problems. People often think that dental care revolves around taking care of just their teeth. Do not fall in this group. You need to realize that gum care is equally important and be one of the many keys to […]

Here’s Why Getting Dental Sealants For Your Child Is So Important

dental sealants

Even if your youngster practices oral hygiene on a daily basis and has no documented problems , it is important to attend half-yearly tests and X-rays with us at Pacific NW Dental Center in Spanaway WA. Do you know how important dental sealants are when you have a young child? According to the CDC (Center […]

6 Signs That You May Have Gum Disease

gum disease signs

Gum disease affects a large number of Americans but it is surprisingly easy to ignore its signs. Since many people often focus their attention on issues with their teeth and since gum disease is often painless, the signs of gum disease can be ignored until they’re very severe. Unfortunately, while it is easy to disregard […]

Emergency Dentist During COVID-19

COVID-19 closure notice

Read our blog post for tips on staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us if you have a dental emergency. We can help!

Do You Need a Root Canal? Read These 5 Signs to Know


When you’re suffering from ‘pulpitis’, you need a root canal treatment. Pulpitis is pulp inflammation – an infection in the innermost portion of a tooth. From there, the infection drips down to the tooth root. While cavities and other types of oral infection occurring on the tooth’s surface do not require surgery, pulpitis can not […]

3 Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat Alternatives

Valentines-chocolates2 img

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can fill our office with unease. It’s not that we’re not romantic, it’s that we’re all too aware of the effects of increased amounts of candy and sweets on your pearly whites. While you’re busy celebrating that special someone in your life, the bacteria in your mouth are celebrating […]