How To Make Dental Treatments Affordable In Spanaway, WA

How To Make Dental Treatments Affordable In Spanaway, WA

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Experiencing discolored, broken, misshaped, or missing teeth? These dental problems can be frustrating and upsetting for people on a daily basis. Fortunately, affordable dental implants in Spanaway, WA could be the right solution to restore a patient’s smile. 

For those who are concerned about the cost of getting dental implants, continue reading to find out more about how dental implants can be affordable.


Using CareCredit® For Dental Implant Treatment Costs

It’s no secret that dental implant care can be expensive. Even with insurance, many people are unable to afford the high costs of dental implant treatments. CareCredit® is a credit card that can be used to finance healthcare expenses, including dental treatments. It’s a great option for people who need to finance their dental care and don’t have the money to pay upfront.

CareCredit is accepted at a large number of different healthcare providers, including dentists and oral surgeons. Many people use the card to pay for braces, cosmetic treatments, root canals, dental implants, and more. 

CareCredit is very different from other credit cards. It’s specifically designed to help patients pay for healthcare expenses, so it has features that many other cards don’t offer. For example, there are no annual fees or interest rates associated with CareCredit.

Anyone with a steady source of income can apply for CareCredit. That includes anyone in the U.S., regardless of citizenship status, as long as they have a social security number. 

The Benefits Of CareCredit

The benefits of using CareCredit for dental implant cost’s in Spanaway, WA include:

Cash Advances:

While many credit cards offer cash advances, CareCredit is the only one that offers them specifically to pay for medical bills.

No Annual Fee: 

CareCredit provides patients with low interest rates. CareCredit’s interest rates, which range from 10.99% to 24.99%, are among the lowest in the industry for any credit card. 

No Prepayment Penalty: 

CareCredit doesn’t charge a penalty if patients pay their bill in full before the due date. 

No Credit Check:

Patients do not have to have good credit to apply for CareCredit, although they will need a minimum credit score of 660 to qualify for the lowest interest rate. 

Low Minimum Monthly Payments:

For those in financial difficulty, CareCredit offers a low minimum payment of just $10. 

Pay Over-Time: 

Patients can pay off their balance in full or in installments over time, with no prepayment penalty.

Other Dental Implant Payment Options In Spanaway, WA

Patients can use individualized payment options to make sure they can get the best care they need and a new smile along the way! A dental office in Spanaway, WA also accepts dental insurance and offers a Savers Plan. 

A Savers Plan has no deductibles, waiting periods, and no annual maximums to meet every individual patient’s specific budgetary needs.

Dental insurance can help patients pay for dental exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, and other dental procedures. Dental insurance can also be purchased as part of a health insurance plan or it can be purchased as a standalone policy. Depending on a patient’s policy, dental insurance can cover cosmetic procedures as well, including dental implants, veneers, bridges, and crowns. 

While there are other financing options to approach covering dental implant procedures, it’s also important to choose the right dental professional that may offer these methods and excellent expertise. A skilled doctor can help patients choose the right financing option to make sure no financial obligations become an obstacle to obtaining their quality dental care. 

A skilled team of dental professionals can provide patients a variety of payment and financial options to ensure they can afford dental implant services, including the removal of teeth.


Get Your Affordable Dental Implant Treatments With Us

While you may be dealing with imperfections in your smile, you can be confident in the fact that there are several financing options to choose from to get the dental implants you need and deserve! 

Get in contact with Dr. Kwansoo Lee, Dr. Kyuan Kim, Dr. Carl Ostergren, Dr. Edward Wang, and Dr. Bobby Virk at our Pacific NW Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today! 

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