How much does dental crowns cost?

How much does dental crowns cost?

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Dental crowns are defined to be a cap that can be fitted on your teeth. It is considered to be a viable option to resolve various issues such as restoration of function or damaged tooth in modern dentistry. Now, there are numerous people who are mostly confused about the different types of dental crowns available in the market and the cost of getting them. Keeping all such such things in mind, we have come with all the information related to the topic in this blog.

There is a wide array of options when it comes to selecting dental crowns. When the dentist prescribed you to go for crowns, you might get confused in the beginning about which one to choose. But, proper consultation and knowing about a few things can make it an easy task for you to execute. Firstly, There are a few factors which play a vital role in selection of dental crowns.

  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Strength
  • Requirement

The last pointer is the most important among all. You should be very particular about selecting the one which meets all your needs.

The reasons which create the need for fitting dental crowns are also being provided in the pointers below. Give them a read to resolve any sort of confusion.

  • If you have a tooth implant
  • In case you have a damaged or broken tooth
  • If you are suffering from severe cavities and tooth decay
  • If you want to align your bite 
  • In case of a root canal
  • If you want to have a more aesthetic smile

All you have to do is book an appointment at the nearest dental clinic which offers good quality dental crowns service at an affordable price.  

Different types of Dental Crowns

As mentioned earlier in the blog, there are various types of dental crowns which are available in today’s market. Go through them and figure out which one suits your requirements.

  • Metals – It might be surprising for you to know that different metals such as gold, palladium, chromium and nickel are used to make crowns for human teeth. The advantages of going for this type of crows are – higher longevity, more resistance, requires extraction of less proportion of your teeth to be fitted, perfect for posterior restoration. All things come with pros and cons, the metal crowns are no exception. The drawbacks are – poor aesthetics, can cause swelling and certain allergic reactions.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal – Another popular type of dental crowns used in today’s time are the ones where porcelain is fused to metal. The porcelain makes it look more similar to natural teeth whereas the metal provides both stability and durability. Porcelain-fused-to metal crowns are also cheaper if compared with all-porcelain crowns. The drawbacks are – fitting such crowns may cause a grey line at the gumline, lesser durability.
  • All-porcelain – This is the best and the most natural looking types of dental crowns. They are entirely made of porcelain and have certain advantages such as – has an aesthetic look, considered best for frontier teeth restorations, biocompatible which means that they are not toxic in nature. But, all-porcelain crowns are comparatively weak and costly than the other options.
  • All resin – Another type of dental crowns are the ones made up of resin. They are pretty cheap but are not as durable as the other types mentioned here.

Cost of Dental Crowns

The price to be paid different types of crowns are:

  • Metal crowns – $600 to $2500
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal – $500-$1500
  • All-porcelain – $800-$3000
  • All resin – $300

You must have gained clarity about the cost of the dental crowns available in the market. There is nothing to panic about the price as now you can also avail quality dentistry without any dental insurance. If you are looking for a dental clinic offering various dental assistance at an economical price in or around Spanaway, WA, get in touch with Pacific NW Dental Center.


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